Day one

Yesterday I started this account with wordpress, and then I started wondering what exactly I would be writing about. Writing has always been an interest of mine, but I’ve never been disciplined enough to just write.

 Being disciplined is something that has never been my forte. Growing up in a repressive evangelical Christian school discipline was required, or at least the facade of discipline. I always preferred rebellion. Sometimes the rebellion is subtle other times it is right out in the open, depending on the circumstance, and I’m not always good at selecting which one is most appropriate.

So if I’m told to write every day, my first thought is, “that rule applies to everyone else…not me.” On second glance and if I dig deeper, maybe it’s not rebellion. Maybe it’s fear. Fear that I won’t do it right, fear that people won’t like it, fear that I’ll be no good.

So today I started writing early, before my first cup of coffee is through, before the fear voice has a chance to fully wake up. Call it a quiet rebellion against my own shortcomings.


7 thoughts on “Day one

  1. Congrats Tyler! I started my blog this year, too. I am trying to take Ann Lamott’s Advice in her book Bird by Bird (if you haven’t read it, do, and you should have your students read it too.) She writes about writing – a little every day, bird by bird.
    I’ve attached my blog…..follow me at your own risk 🙂 hahaha. will be interested in what you have to say and commiserating with your struggles 🙂

  2. Tyler, mi compadre,

    Good luck with you. As a fellow blogger (currently on hiatus) my advice is to find something you LOOOOOVE talking about because then you’ll be compelled to write something on it every day.

  3. Hooray! I like to write and read…and been doing both online for almost 3 years now. Rarely everyday. My life doesn’t allow for that.

    For me the balance comes with the purpose behind the blog. It’s mine. It’s conception was for me and my family…primarily anyway. the audience has changed over time and I’ve met some neat people in the process. Even some PR folks which is a nice touch too.

    Have fun!

  4. Congratulations! Don’t worry. You’ll do fine. ^^ Eventually you’ll work out a rhythm that suits you whether it’s every day, every week, or just whenever you feel like it.

    Best of luck to you.

  5. Hey Murph! Good to hear that you too have joined the ‘Blogosphere’… Now I don’t think that there is any rule about writing everyday, of course as new as my Blog is God won’t let me sleep until I blog. Tried to go to bed without writing last night, and ended up getting out of bed to write cause I couldn’t sleep!!

    I agree with the suggestion about blogging about something that you ‘love’ or something that you are passionate about!

  6. Love it, love blogging, and I share a lot of the same views: do i write every day? how much? how little? has the fear of writing kept me away? I have always written, but never shared, mostly due to fear…but now that im older (i just threw up in my mouth a little) Im good with my inner craziness and to know me is to know that. I like this writing process because its raw, and I find once something is thought about or edited or whatever, its not as appealing (to me anyway). So blog on wit your bad reading

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