A List 40 Years in the Making


I’m less than 12 hours away from the big day; I have created what is in no way an exhaustive list of items that is associated in my mind with the number 40.  

Throughout the course of the year, I’ll be focusing on these and a few others that haven’t fully formed themselves in my mind yet. 

Any suggestions or comments that you all have in modifying the list would be appreciated.

  • Smelling up the bathroom like my dad used to
  • Stiffness–and not in a good way
  • Eventually not knowing how to program the VCR
  • Clothes shopping
  •  Hearing Duran Duran, Cyndi Lauper and A-Ha on the supermarket soundtrack
  •  Seeing movies on the big screen that used to be cartoons when I was a kid
  • No longer being the guy in my girls’ lives   See the End of the Innocence
  • Using the phrase, “when I was in school”
  • OR Worse using the phrase, “when I was in college!”
  • Realizing that I could one day teach the children of former students
  • Not knowing what my body is truly capable of 
  • Feeling incomplete
  •  Wondering what’s next
  •  Detachment from friends
  • Ear Hair growing longer than the hair on my head
  • Feeling forced to plan for “the end.”
  • The graying of life
  • Watching NCIS, today’s equivelant of Angela Lansbury’s, Murder, She Wrote
  • Living through the rebirth of a style fad
  • Over-reacting to every pain,tingle and ache See the Devolution of Tyler Murphy
  • Starting to sound like “Archie Bunker” (and if you don’t get this, you’re a Meathead!)
  • Using movie references that people in their late 20’s and early 30’s don’t get
  • Watching an NBA game and recognizing more of the coaching staff than the players on the court
  • Getting tired from standing during a  “standing room only” concert

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