The times they are a’changin

Those of us born at the beginning of the 70’s found ourselves in a world that was characterized by the following:

  • Nixon is President
  • The first episode of ABC’s All My Children aired
  • Black Sabbath releases their debut album
  • I Was Born!
  • The first Earth Day celebration occurred
  • The Beatles broke up
  • Janis Joplin dies of an overdose
  • Kent State Shootings
  • Protests against the Vietnam War
  • MASH was one of the top grossing movies of the year

10 years later it was 1980 and the world had definitely changed:

  • Jimmy Carter is President and eventually loses in Nov. of this year to Ronald Reagan
  • The USA Olympic ice hockey team beats the USSR’s team. It was a Miracle on Ice!
  • “Who Shot JR?”
  • The Empire Strikes Back was #1 at the box office
  • John Lennon is murdered
  • Led Zeppelin dispands
  • U2’s debuts with the album Boy
  • The Intellivision game console makes its debut
  • The Phillies win the world series!

1990 kept the changes coming:

  • George Bush is President
  • Nelson Mandela is released from prison
  • Gulf War
  • Sammy Davis Jr. dies
  • Milli Vanilli admits to lip synch–girl you know it, girl you know it, girl you know it
  • Super Mario Bros 3 becomes the best selling video game of all time
  • Ghost was one of the most popular movies (RIP Patrick Swayze)
  • The Hubble Telescope is launched into space
  • The English Channel Tunnel or Chunnel is finally dug out

The turn of the century brought these highlights

  • Bill Clinton is President
  • Bill Clinton is the first US President to visit Vietnam
  • Charles Schultz dies and the last Peanuts comic strip is published
  • Y2K (I think we may still have some canned peas)
  • The first crew takes up residence in the International Space Station
  • Gladiator was winning at the box office
  • U2 hits big with Beautiful Day
  • Survivor premiers and the reality tv phenom begins
  • The sun, moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn lined up
  • Floridians have trouble with voting

The year is 2010 and this is what we know:

  • Barack Obama is President
  • The USA women’s ice hockey team wins gold vs. Canada
  • ABC’s All My Children celebrated it’s 40th anniversary
  • I turned 40!

2 thoughts on “The times they are a’changin

  1. The question of the first set – how many do you remember? I think you should add the Challenger disaster – it was the first major disaster in my (our) lifetimes that I remember clearly.

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