Transforming: Day 3

Before I did the circuit today, I took a short run/walk with a friend of mine. The amount of persuasiveness and coercion that I used to get him to run was actually more effort than the run/walk itself. He’d like to think that we went willingly, but we know the truth.

It’s astounding to me that one year ago I was where he is. Counting in my head the number of times that we had left to do 1 minute run intervals. That 60s was like a dog year worth of time when I first started.

I had to laugh at my past self today. Because I thought about the amount of bitching and complaining I’d do both verbally and mentally in the first weeks of couch to 5K. Running challenges you not just physically but also mentally. That’s one of the most important benefits that I’ve received from doing it. I am more mentally strong than I used to be. Evidence of this is the Broad st. run. There’s no way that a year ago I’d even consider running 1o miles. And, truth be told, some of my friends could tell you that the week before I was about to bug out due to an injury and also due to fear. But in the end I did it; I plan on running it again.

With P90, my hope is to continue to strengthen my mind and increase my body’s strength. As a kid, I never really challenged myself physically. I really wrote myself off to the sidelines–never really seeing what my body could do. So now we’re seeing what this 41 year old form has in it.

Day 3 circuit was good. I almost made it through all of the push up sets today. I was able to to complete17 of the wide/tri/standard pushup set of 7-7-7. These occur at the end of the circuit after completing 20 pushups earlier as well as 15 reps of all of the different sculpting excerises using a 5 lb. weight.

Triceps became fatigued earlier than any other muscle set.

Tomorrow is cardio again; my goal is to improve in my power yoga forms. I’m not worried about repetitions yet. Need to get better at the form; understand the purpose behind it.

Click here for a printable Couch to 5K plan. There’s also a group on facebook and an app for the ipod.


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