Transforming: Day 4

The second day of cardio started today.  My legs were tired towards the end of their circuit, which I was surprised by.  My legs typically are the strongest part of me.  I’m used to relying on them; it was clear that towards the end of the various knee ups, front kicks, side kicks, that my legs were telling me they were feeling it. 

The Ab routine is going to be my biggest challenge throughout this program. Each exercise requires you to complete 10 reps of 10 different exercises.  There are some that I’m better at, so I concentrate on completing 10 of those, but then I’m to wasted to do the next exercise.  On day 6 my goal will be to complete 5 reps of each exercise and then work up from there.

My goal was to work on the forms during power yoga and not to power down and give up.  I concentrated on my forms: plank, upward dog, downward dog, runners pose, crescent, warrior 2.  A vocabulary that doesn’t hold much meaning for me.  Beth has been doing yoga each morning for the last few months.  So she is my encylopedia of all things yoga. 

No surprises here

The most difficult part is still raising a leg from downward dog and then bringing it through to runner’s pose.  Now if I was of a different genetic history and my people were lean and long this may not be an issue.  But the barrel chested, thick legged irish man probably didn’t use these skills out on the moors.  This is where I hear Beth’s voice saying, “it doesn’t mean that the can’t learn.”

(sigh)  Gotta love when she’s right.  Which is what this whole journey is about, no not her being right, but about learning!

T-86 days and counting


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