Transforming: Day 5

Today I had to get up and exercise before heading into work. Now some of you are probably cracking wise because you know that I teach, so how is it that a teacher would be working during the summer? I’m going in this morning and a few others because I need to write curriculum for a new class being offered this year.

So I got up and put in the scupt series. Thank God it was the sculpting DVD. I really enjoy the different weight training exercises and the way that Horton has designed the DVD there’s a stretch between each circuit and a small break prior to the third circuit. He really moves through the exercises fluidly and the 45 min. flys by. There’s a running clock on the screen and I find myself surprised to see only 10 min. left. That’s a good sign!

In the program guide for Power 90, it says for day 5, “No mouthing off, you’re in training!” This is probably the toughest command I could possibly follow. I make my living with my mouth (insert joke here). I’m like Peter Parker making fun of the villains/crooks while he’s fighting them.

Don't worry Citizen, Spider-man is here!

It makes me think about a recent night at Karate, where I was making jokes/comments with the people around me, quietly, mind you. Sensai hears all. Let me repeat–Sensai hears all! At the end of night he asks, “Did everyone have fun?” He makes eye contact with me on that statement and we both smile. “Yes, sir.” I reply.

And it’s true, if I wasn’t having fun, I wouldn’t be there. Now I’m not claiming that I’ll be having fun each day for the next 85, but I know that I’ll be having fun with this body (insert joke here) because of the time that I’m putting in now.


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