Transforming: Day 6

I was tired at today’s cardio/sweat workout. There was some negative self talk about halfway through as my legs started to burn.

Once I reached the halfway break, I took a moment to think about positive accomplishments:   

  • I thought about the fact that yesterday I completed the circuit in the morning.  I felt strong throughout; I had to laugh as Leah has started to tell me that my arms are almmost as big as Mr. Current.  That’s a huge compliment Take that you Evil Tiresince Steve is this gigantic Aryan guy who hits tires with sledgehammers for fun and teaches classes at karate. 
  • I ran/walked with my friend for his second day of C25K.  During the run I felt like a horse that wanted to run.  I upped our pace from the first time and combining that and the heat we had a decent workout.  I’m proud of him for pushing through during the heat; we set a time to run again on Friday.  That’ll be the end of  his first week of C25K.  He’ll have 8 weeks to go.  Hopefully we’ll set up a 5K to run to celebrate this accomplishment!
  •  and then we went to karate, where it was like “the night 100 push ups.”  Doesn’t anyone realize that I had the circuit yesterday and was already pushed out?  The best was our isntructor saying, “let’s do something you don’t normally do with pushups.”  That statement makes such an assumption that I had to laugh as I scanned the room.  I thought to myself, “for many of us, doing pushups is different.”  So I went through the first sets of pushups, and then I heard diamond pushups.  Many expletives went through my head.  Diamond pushups involve placing your hands under Diamonds are a making a diamond with your hands.   I thought I’d maybe squeeze out between 3-5, but before I knew it 15 were done and I kept pace.  I was able to do 15 consecutive diamond pushups!   I felt really proud of myself.  6 days ago I couldn’t really do 2 or 3 and mentally I felt that I couldn’t do any.  Last night was a touchstone for me to remember that I can do more things than I think!
  • All of those positive thoughts helped me power through the remainder of the cardio workout and finish strong.

My goal for today’s workout was to complete 5 of each of the 10 ab exercises.  Mission accomplished!  I’m going to up it to 7 for each next time. 

Tomorrow is my off day!


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