Transforming: Day 8

Back on the grind today. Woke up early, Bez went upstairs to do her yoga and I went downstairs to complete day 8 of the p90 circuit.

Today I decided to use the resistance bands that were provided with the kit instead of using our weights. With a week of these exercises under my belt, I felt confident that I could manipulate the bands in the way they needed to go and still complete the 8-15 reps required.

I could feel a difference right away, especially in all of the tricep exercises!  Since exercising earlier this morning I have been consistently aware of my triceps as I opened the refrigerator, made my coffee, lifted my coffee cup, and even while I’m typing this blog.  There’s a warm ache in the backs of my arms reminding me that I was challenged today; I completed that challenge.

Pushups today were also a challenge.  I finished the 7 wide, took a deep breath brought my arms in and completed the 7 close.  My arms were so tired after, I got on my knees shook them out and thought, “alright, let’s just move on.”  But then I found myself back on the floor closing out the 7 standard.  I had to remind myself that standard pushups are the easy ones!

  “Scoop of Chocolate, Scoop of Vanilla.  Don’t waste my time!”  With that in mind, the pushups were done!

T-82 days


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