Transforming: Day 9

Last evening, my friend Gary and I were sitting on the front porch after completing his first week of Couch to 5K.  We drank our water and discussed solutions to the world’s probems. 

One such problem was the discussion of tattoos.  Gary has been inked a few times, and he and I have been chatting about if I were to get ink, what it would look like.  Yesterday, he turns to me and says, “I’m not going to lie to you.” As a side note I need to say, only Bullshitters use this expression.  Probably because, we dabble in the truth so infrequently, we have to let people know that we’re being real for a quick minute. 

Gary continues, “I’m not going to lie to you,”  he lets the words hang in the air.  “It’s going to hurt. So you just have to man up and get through it.”

This is when I do a quick scan of the 5 or 6 tatts that Gary has and I ask him, why if it hurts would you go back for more?  What kinds of things in life cause us pain that we willingly go back?  Not just go back, but pay good money for the discomfort (of course, I’m not counting the dentist).

I smirk, thinking that I’ve won, and his house of ink will come tumbling down.  I forget what a worthy adversary he is.  He shoots back to me, what about all of that exercise you’ve been doing lately?  The pushups? The power yoga?  the ab work? Doesn’t it hurt?   Each question hits me like body blows in Mike Tyson’s punch-out, and I am defeated.

Punch out
Body Blow

Bell 1 Murphy 0

So this morning’s Gary’s words came to me as I was tiredly going through the cardio/sweat workout.  Each section I made a committment to “man up” and just finish as strong as I possibly could.   Power yoga–manned up, cardio–manned up, abs–manned up.  By the end I was tired but satisfied with my effort.

I also made my goal for abs today of completing 7 reps of each exercise.  Next time I’m thinking of completing the 10 for the standard and oblique crunches and then 7 of the more difficult exercises, slowly working my way up to 10.

T-81 days
Tattoo ideas: 
Worthy Adversary in mandarin:  值得对手
The girls initials for tattoo idea

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