Trasforming: Day 10

Waking up this morning after a long night of celebrating the fourth with friends made a groggy head going into the circuit.

After a cup of java and a run/walk with Gary for week 2 day 1 of couch to 5K, I was ready for lifting some weights.

Today I went back to the free weights, because I really like the feel of them compared to using the resistance bands. I am finding that on some of the exercises, the weight could probably be increased, so that I’m being challenged throughout.

Circuits felt really good this morning; I noticed that my squats and stretches are getting much deeper.  Could it be possible that I’m becoming more flexible?  I finished 15 reps for each exercise and compelted 12/15 pushups in each of the first two circuits.

During the 7-7-7 push ups, the ones where my arms are close in are still the ones that I struggle with the most.  I spend so much energy on those that the final seven are difficult.  I’m glad that I’m staying up the whole time and finishing the set.

So 45 pushups later and some great toning exercises, my arms are tired, but I feel good. 

T-80 days!


Does anyone have suggestions on weights?  I’m thinking about investing in a set of the adjustable dumbells.  Thoughts?


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