Transforming: Day 11

Happy Independence Day to everyone!

Below are three video clips of how my generation learned about American History.  I hope you enjoy and perhaps even find yourself singing along!

Today makes me cognizant of the fact that I am fighting to declare my independence from the things in my life that have been taxing me, but most of all I’m fighting to be independent of the mindset that keeps me from doing. 

I finished Day 11 of P90 today.  With 10 days until my belt, I feel that I am further along in mastering/enduring the circuit than the cardio/sweat.  The program says that this typically happens.  I plan on increasing the weights after  my next break day this week to increase the challenge of the ciruit. 

Today was the first day of cardio/sweat that I was able to transition from one move of power yoga to another without resetting or changing my stance.  The leg swing from upward dog to runner’s stance is still challenging but I was able to it.  The transition isn’t smooth, or pretty, but it’ll eventually happen.


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