Transforming: Day 12

Had a great holiday weekend celebrating our nation’s independence with food, friends and fun!

I received a lot of encouraging words this weekend from friends who are enjoying reading the blog and hearing about the journey that I’ve set myself upon. 

My wording in that sentence is very important.  The journey that I’ve set myself upon.  This road is a conscious choice.  The choice to improve my physical well being.  Because I now realize that my physical well being is an expression of my mental and spiritual well being. 

For much of my life, I let life simply happen to me, or I created situations that  either played to my strengths or made me feel comfortable.  There were so many times that Beth wanted me to go for a walk, simply around the block, or on a trail through the park that I opted out of.  I played it off, acting like what kind of fun would that be.  I never realized that she needed those walks. 

Take the Walk!

The nature girl in here needs to connect with the outside.  The husky boy that lived inside of me at that time didn’t want to be inside, he didn’t enjoy the challenge of nature.  At least that’s what I believed.  I now have a clearer understanding that that husky boy was afraid.  Afraid that a walk would lead to more physical activities that he wouldn’t be “good” at.  And if you can’t be “good” at something why bother trying?  At least that’s what I thought then. 

I look back on that guy now and think what a loser.  He had a beautiful women who wanted to spend time with him.  This should have given him the confidence, but he couldn’t see it.  His myopia would only let him see himself.  Beth started to walk alone for quite some time, but, thankfully, she never completely stopped asking.  She suggested that we start karate together and I agreed.  And after a year of that, I suggested to her that we start a running program.  I had researched it, and it seemed doable (even to me).  I calmly accepted the invitation, and I’m sure she was wary of whether I would continue and/or finish the program. 

We are approaching the anniversary of our beginning the running and since that time we’ve run 3 races in the last year including the Broad st. run.  Don’t get me wrong, that husky little boy still lives inside me, but his influence is smaller as I reduce the hold that he has on me. 

Thank you to everyone who celebrates my independence from him!

On day 12, I ran two miles in 19 min. prior to the circuit training. 

Completed the circuit, 15 reps for each exercise using the 5lb weights, and I completed the 7-7-7 push ups with no break in between!  My arms felt tired at the end of the circuit, especially my triceps.  I plan to up the weight for the next week and then judge if I’m ready to move up to 3-4 for the circuit.

T-78 days and counting!


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