Transforming: Day 13

Early morning run walk followed by the cardio/sweat exercise this morning.  Yowza!

I was owning the power yoga this morning. I am definitely feeling more limber and flexible. I’m still not perfect on bringing the leg from downward dog position into a runner’s pose, but it’s getting better.  Below is a video clip of something similar to what I do every other day. 

I felt tired during my workout today; that husky kid inside me was telling me to take it easy today, but I pushed his fat little voice out of my head and finished strong. 

Yesterday at the dojo, Drago (Mr. Current), asked what my plans were when the 90 days were over.  To be honest, I hadn’t thought of that.  Part of my reasoning for doing this is to become fit so that the next 40 years will be better than the first 40. 

But I had no answer for him, which if you know me, is a statement in and of itself!  So that’s my task for the days to come.  Figure out what’s next?  Suggestions would be appreciated.


T-77 days and counting!


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