Transforming: day 15

Before my circuit training today, Gary and i went for his last run/walk for couch to 5K week 2. He’s looking ahead to Sunday with nervous anticipation. Much like someone waiting in line to ride Space Mountain for the first time.

It’s that fear of the unknown that stops many of us from even getting in line for the ride let alone buckling ourselves in. And with space mountain there’s nothing but unknown because of the sporadic starlight. You’re basically riding blind for a few minutes.

If you think about it, that takes a Kierkegaardian leap of faith to be strapped into a small car and ride a track that you can barely see. For me, this journey to improve my physical fitness is very much a leap of faith. The unknown to me is what my body can actually do. I’m very confident in my mental abilities, but am in the dark when it comes to my physicality.

The best part about this exercise ride and any amusement for that matter is that it’s more fun when shared. Beth and I have been running for a year now and doing karate for almost two. Karate has provided with great friends who are also looking to improve and together we’ve gone from simply looking at the line, to waiting in line, to buckling up for the unknown–together.

Im sure Gary’s going to say that running’s not as fun as a Disney ride–by a longshot. But running together eases the anxiety of the unknown. So if you’re able , find someone to exercise with. You will find that you will actually look forward to it.

Week 3 today was a circuit day. I purchases 15lb. weights to use; I noticed an immediate difference. My arms were in a workout.

With the new weight I found that I was going slower in the moves and instead of doing 15 reps, I did 10 of each exercise.

I did, however, increase my pushup count to 15 for each circuit and then finishing the 7-7-7. That’s 51 in one sitting. Excellent.


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