Transforming: day 16

I come out to my front porch after working out to cool off, listen to some music, and think about the coming day.

This morning it looks like everything had the same workout I did. All of trees, grass and shrubs are covered in beads of sweaty dew, as are the cars and railings. So much for cooling off.

Apparently the plant version of power yoga is really tough. I mean I thought I was inflexible but those poor guys have bark and cell walls. They probably don’t have moves named after animals. They’d have the weeping willow pose or clinging vine, or the classic Venus fly trap.

My yoga got off to a slower start this morning. Didn’t feel as coordinated. Eventually I pushed off the groggy sleep and got down (ward dog), to runner’s pose to crescent to warrior two.

Today was the first cardio/sweat where my arms and shoulders were complaining. Clearly there’s some lactic acid left over in them from using the increases weights yesterday. But that, like the yoga, got powered through.

Karate later this morning, and if Murphy’s law holds true, we’ll be repeating exercises I did this morning. So I’ve got that going for me.

T-74 days


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