Transforming: day 17

Yesterday, Beth and I were driving back from karate and discussing going to class on Thursday nights. For the non- AK’s that read this, Thursday night is a more serious workout, cardio focused with some great bag work.

I right away veto the idea because I have images of trying Thursday nights early in our karate careers and it sucked! I should say, I sucked, all the air out of the room. So after my veto, she right away said that I need to stop thinking about it with my old mindset.

She encouraged me to think about the fact that I am so much stronger now than I was back then, and that I not to stop going back to that place. And, of course, she’s right. (sigh).

Fear is always with us; those of us who’ve been overweight the majority of our lives have compensated in so many ways to protect ourselves from these situations. Thankfully I have someone who knows me so well and challenges me to be better!

After week 3 day 1 run with Gary, I completed the circuit with the 15 lb weights. Completed all of my pushups with only a bit of struggle towards the end.

10 reps of each exercise with the new weights; I noticed that my left arm feels weaker than the right.  Throughout the exercise it sounded as if the Rice Krispie elves were exercising along with me because of the constant snap, crackle and pop that I kept hearing.  It was either them or I’ve got bubble wrap in the majority of my joints.

Snap, Krackle, and Pop into your Workout

T-73 days


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