Transforming: Day 18

The expression “mind over matter” is easy enough to say. But how many of us have really tested the concept? I know that I am in my infancy/toddler stage in mentally preparing myself for an activity and keeping positive self talk going throughout.

For as positive of a person that I am, when it comes to my physical strength I can be quite the negative Nancy. Apologies to all Nancy’s, I’m sure you’re not all negative.

I was sharing with Gary yesterday while we were on our run how, when I started running with Beth, I was such a whiny bitch. In fact one day I think she got fed up with hearing it and actually called me that. Ah, tough love.

Gary had this shocked look on his face partly because beth is such a kind, gentile sort of woman that she’d never use such language, and secondly because I haven’t portrayed that side of me. Let’s be honest, it’s not my best side.

It’s not that it’s my worst either (imagine that). But it is/was the scared boy inside of me. The kid that was afraid to ride his bike in the street because he might fall and get hurt. The kid who tried out for sports in middle school and made it through the week of try outs only not to see my name on the posted list at the end. That kid was all about no need to try especially if you could get hurt or fail.

What an idiot! I’m glad that I have enough perspective now to see that life requires a certain amount of pain and failure. How do we ever expect to evolve and grow without dealing with pain and failure?

So during my cardio today I was tired and my arms were sore and I felt off balance. So negativity saw it’s opening and began telling ms how weak I was, and how there was no need to finish. I could just stop. Who would know?

At that moment a loud “gong” emanated from my phone. A text from a friend. A way early text I may add. Doesn’t anyone remember that I don have to be up during the summer? But that gong reminded ms that I’m accountable not only to myself but to my friends. His blog is like a contract that keeps ms honest; I thank you for participating in it.

I completed 9/10 sets in the ab workout today. Full 10 reps on each except the last. I was done! But I took a deep breath and squeezed out 5. Then I was done.

T-72 days.


2 thoughts on “Transforming: Day 18

  1. I remember when you started running, you were so unsure of yourself…to watch this rather confident man, be not so confident, is a reminder that we don’t always have to be the strongest…but to surround ourselves with people who are strong in the areas where we will need support! Keep it up Murph, you’re gonna be able to kick my ass soon!!!

    1. Ange,

      You got me all choked up on that one. I doubt that I’ll be “kicking your ass”. But I wouldn’t mind pacing with u for a mile or two or three.

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