Transforming: day 20

True Friendship is running at the Butt Crack of Dawn!

Day 20. I have to be honest, I can’t believe that I have exercised 20 days in a row! I’ve been trying hard to establish a routine that works for me and doesn’t impact the family in a negative way. Thankfully, my job let’s me do that.

Last night my karate instructor, Mr B, to the action karate family, stared at me for what seemed like an awkward few minutes. When he was done his once over of me, he asked about how much weight I’ve lost since beginning this journey. I told him between 50-60 lbs and 6-8 inches off my waist. he nodded his approval.

Later he approached me in the waiting area at karate. Geez this guy can’t stay away from me! He was asking me about this blog and the reason for writing it. He wanted to know if it was just therapy or accountability.

I told him it was a combination of both. When I started running, beth and I were doing it together. That’s built in accountability. But this I was doing alone. I had to face my husky demons alone. So writing in here is my way to exercise my demons as I exercise my body. I think he was satisfied with that answer. How could he not be. That was so zen!

So after finishing week 3 day 2 with Gary at the butt crack of dawn, I hit the cardio/ sweat. Went through my power yoga, legs, cardio, and arms–felt good.

Ab workout started and I told myself that today I was going to attempt all 10 reps of each exercise. The first four went smoothly, by 5-6 my abs ( and the fat on top of them) were telling me to quit. Eight was enough! Maybe for Dick van

Is 8 enough?

Patton, but not for me–not today. I powered through all 10, sometimes yelling in my head to finish strong.

And it was! Task completed. Abs sore. But I’m proud of myself.

Tomorrow is an off day.

T-70 days!


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