Transforming Day 23

So the husky kid has upped his game a bit, by making me think about whats coming up the next day. Since the morning grog wasn’t working for him. Now he’s going to try and plant an anxious seed earlier.

There's a Husky in the Store

Last night had a good run with Gary finishing up his week three of couch to 5K and then we hung out and solved the world’s mysteries while our girls played in the backyard.

After Gary and the girls left, the husky kid started up with thoughts about today’s workout. “tomorrow is cardio, power yoga, and karate. Why would you want to do all of that?”

Good question. I had very little motivation this morning; I had to ask for reminders of why am I doing this. Gary’s “smart assery” reminded that I want to look like crazy Mr Current at karate.

For those who don’t remember from earlier blogs, he beats tires with a sledgehammer and squats 350 lbs in the middle of the night. I did say he was crazy right? At least Gary said I wanted to look like him; not act like him.

So I completed day 23 and it was a bit of a personal victory because mentally I wasn’t strong at the beginning but by the an ripper workout, it was game frickin’ on! 10 exercises, 10 reps, 10 minutes. Did ’em all. And felt better about them today then last time.

Nice try husky, I look forward to seeing what mental shenanigans you’ll bring my way next time.

T-67 days. In one week it’ll be photo time.


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