Transforming: Day 24

Don't Poke the Husky Kid Either

Do you know what happens when you poke a bear with a stick? Well the same could be true if you poke a husky kid with a carrot or rib of celery.

Today had a nice run walk before beginning my circuit. I’ve had a stiff neck since the u2 concert. I guess I should have watched the band more than the screen. But today the stiffness crept into my shoulder while lifting. Let’s get lumbered up for some mental gymnastics.

Over a year ago I had tingling in stiffness in the same shoulder. The tingling was in my face, down my neck and into my arm. I blogged about it because I was really concerned. After an MRI the docs were able to tell that I had a pinched nerve in my neck. Today’s stiffness reminded me if that time and I think Husky Mctavish would like me to worry, but I’m sore. I’m going to ice it, take some advil and enjoy my day.


Head games.

 My endorphins are still making me feel pretty positive so have a carrot husker du.

T-64 days

Tattoo in 2.

New Tattoo idea


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