Transforming: Day 26

Today I was up at, you guessed it, the butt crack of dawn to run with Gary for day 2 of his 4th week of couch to 5K. It was hot and humid this morning. Basically it felt like any Vietnam movie from the 80’s. I was just waiting for Chuck Norris or Rambo to burst out from the trees and start laying down some suppressing fire.

Captian Braddock's Coming For You

We did have two visitors on our run this morning and they were intimidating just in a different way that Sly and Chuck.

two skunks running

Two skunks were on our run this morning. At one point one of the skunks was running alongside of us. I looked back and told Gary we need to get passed the skunk, but apparently Pepe le Pew was his pace car and he couldn’t out run him. So I clapped my hands and Pepe stopped and put his tail up as Gary ran by. Almost like a salute. A smelly salute–take the respect when you get it.

I always admired Pepe le Pew. He chased that cat no matter the obstacle and no matter how hard she tried to get away. Now in today’s society that might be referred to as stalking, I’d call it perseverance.

In a lot of ways I’m like that skunk. This morning I stink after the humid run and then P90. But also because I pursued my wife in much the same way Pepe goes after the cat. I was oblivious to the fact that she may have been annoyed by me in our earlier days, but I knew if she could see passed the “stink,” she’d like what she found. The “stink” in my case, I thought, was that I was a chubby guy and who would want to date that? But I think that the attitude and bravado that i used to further insulate myself is what kept her from getting close.

After college she stopped running or my “smell” wasn’t as annoying any more. Either way we had found each other.

Now as I head into the end of the first month of exercising. I have to remember to keep going for it and that anything of true value is worth chasing after.

Today I lightened the weights during the circuit because I had some back muscle spasms. Lighter weights=more reps. Did 15 of each set and 45 pushups.

T-64 days


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