Transforming: Day 27

So last night I went to get my first tattoo. Throughout the day I’d be receiving a multitude of texts from my buddies about how much time until we go, how many boxes of tissues should they bring, or how badly it’s going to hurt. We’ve been discussing it for awhile now and I was reticent to the idea.

I really wrestled with the tattoo idea because my christian school upbringing created such dogmatic walls in my mind about what people should and should not do that I still find myself, to this day, reacting to situations on old programming. Who knew that at age 41 I’d still be razing the old construction.

And the Walls come Tumblin Down

Some of my old school friends may react to that statement as one of rebellion. I would say it’s more a statement of freedom. I’m not sure you can have one without the other.

My ink is a statement of freedom from the body and mindset of “can’t do”. For me it was like a ceremonial right of passage where a warrior commits to a course of action and is marked, to serve as a reminder to himself and the world around him.

So I endured the stinging pain of the needles and the constant ribbing of my buddies to emerge with a touchstone that links together many of the loves and interests of my life.

The symbol is of the Immortal Iron Fist from Marvel comics, and the lettering is Chinese for “worthy adversary.” Earlier this summer a friend referred to me as his worthy adversary and I thought, “what a great compliment.” And it stuck.

So now I am marked with an eternal symbol stating that my goal is to prove myself worthy of whatever is thrown my way.

Thanks to Gary and Ed for getting me in the door and not letting me leave.

Today was the last day of week 3 for P90. As I was doing power yoga today I laughed to myself about how I resisted the moves at first, thinking I would never be able to do that. Reacting from old programming! I finished the yoga and went through the rest of my workout. I was actually impressed with myself because during the ab-routine I didn’t really begin to strain until the 6 or 7 rep. That’s a big difference from feeling it at rep 3/4.

I believe that I am on my way to becoming a worthy adversary.

Tomorrow is my day off.

T-63 days.



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