Transforming: Day 28

Get a Leg Up!

Day 28 marks my fourth off day from P90. In two days the program will be having me take photos to mark visible progress since starting the program. The Husker started in on me days ago about my body image. I look in the mirror and see definition starting but his outline is still there. And he’d like nothing more than to make me see with his eyes.

Now I know some of you are hoping for these pics to be posted, sorry to disappoint you Ed. Don’t want to frighten the younger readers away.

I definitely have noticed a difference in my body since starting. I am clearly stronger both physically and even mentally. An example of this was last night at karate, the instructor had us do pushups with staggered arms, the second set he said if you want a challenge cross your legs while doing them.

The challenge

Now, a month ago, I would have said, “a challenge was just doing the pushups with staggered arms.” But I crossed my legs and did them. No biggee. The next set contained the challenge of one leg in the air. There was a fleeting moment where the Husker whispered something in my ear, but I didn’t really hear it because I was too busy doing my pushups with my leg in the air. Sweet.

The rest of the night contained exercises that reminded of things I do with P90. We did a side plank and moved our free arm from the ceiling to under our support arm and back again. I used to have a balance issue with that, but after all the power yoga, this was no problem.

Max Planck ain't got nothing on this!

So the strength is there; my balance has improved. I haven’t really lost any weight, but I did t expect to be aide I have added quite a bit more muscle mass than what I used to have and I am not dieting. I’m simply eating smaller portions, not snacking all day long, and not eating after 7 PM.

I have 10 lbs to go to get under 200. That would be quite a feat! I haven’t weighed this much since college, which was, sigh, 20 years ago.

I’m going to look at the next DVD in the program which ups the workout to see if I’m ready for either one now. Online I e read that many people switch over about day 40 so I want to get an idea.

T-62 days.


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