Transforming: Day 29


Today was the beginning of week 5. It was back to the circuit; I felt a bit stiff while warming up.

I’ve been using 15 lb weights during the circuit training. When I started, it was these 5 lb weights that Beth uses during her workouts. They were light, soft and didn’t require a ton of effort.

So into week 2 I went to buy some weights. I was looking at something between 10-15 lbs. I didn’t want to go too light because then I would be back buying more weights, but if I went to high there’d be no exercising.

As I’m looking at the wall o’weights I’m drawn to these cast iron, hexagonal weights with the number 15 stamped into them. Men’s weights. Weights you could kill someone with in one swing but you’d get caught because of the telltale tool mark of the hexagonal shape. Grissom would have no problem matching them.

Maybe it wasn’t their shape or appearance but the number 15. Not quite 20, but more than 10. There’s a suggestion of progress that 12 just can’t match.

Maybe it’s more than that. When I think back to being 15, Husky was in full effect. I was not very active physically and I was eating as a form of escape from my feeling of teenage awkwardness as well as the mounting strangeness occurring between my parents during that time. I would entertain my friends, my humor as much a protection device as my fat. I was safe at 15 in my blubber suit that I’m sure Ishmael and Ahab would have liked to have tracked down.

So as I’m lifting Husker today, he felt heavy, but not impossible. The 15 lbs are tough on my shoulders and I may do less reps next time to avoid an injury. Because I’m sure there’s nothing more Husk wants than for me to stop–one way or another.

T-61 days. Tomorrow is picture day.


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