Transforming: Day 30


Day 30. That’s got to sink in.

It’s clear that exercise and I are in the beginning stages of a relationship. Dare I say that we are courting. How else do you describe waking up every morning, and she is the first thing that is on my mind to do.

It really does feel like I’m in a relationship. The first few weeks were marked with nervous excitement tinged with self doubt. Exercise is no easy catch; she’s brought a few hoops along to see if you can power yoga through them.

After the first few weeks you know her moves and settle into a bit of a routine. You’re not as excited to see her, but that tiredness wears off about halfway through and then your heart is beating fast again. By the end, she’s made you sweat and it reminds you about why you’re getting up each morning–she’s worth it.

And like all relationships life gets in the way. Stress from family or a job, health issues, lack of self confidence are all impediments to a strong relationship. But the beauty of exercise is, she doesn’t care about those things. She only wants you to come and give her your best–be engaged and present in the moment. If you simply do those two things, she will make you stronger so that you can better deal with the stress of life.

Exercise doesn’t care whether you take it slow or jump in with both feet. Just be present and give her your best. She will always do the same for you. And if your relationship lasts you will find that she has made you a better person.

Happy anniversary exercise.

Young skunks in love

P.S. Feel free to change the pronouns to best suit your situation.

T-60 days.


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