Transforming: Day 31

Hazy Shade of Summer

Today I began the second month of P90 waking up early and completing the circuit prior to running with Gary for his first day of Couch to 5 K week 5. 

 The haze outside matched that in my head, because Beth was called into the hospital at 1 AM this morning and then returned at 3 AM.  Then she had to be up at  5 AM to head back into work, so needless to say I was tired, and so was she.  The haze in my head is stifling my writing today, so today’s blog will be short and sweet.

Today’s run was like swimming today. The humidity made the air so thick. It was a workout just moving through the air.  This heat wave is making runningn a real challenge, but Gary’s surviving it well; he has not given up and walked at anytime during the workout.  That’s impressive considering the heat and humidity; I know that he wanted to. 

The circuit felt good. Completed my pushups and reps. My shoulder was aching this morning from the previous circuit and I decided to lighten my weights for shoulder flys. Those combined with swimmer’s press and/or military press put a bit of strain on my shoulders when using the 15 lb weights, so that they are sore to where turning my neck to the right side is painful.

I’ll ice it later today and then picture day. 


T-59 days!



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