Transforming: Day 33

Yesterday we finally had some rain to break the oppressive heat that’s been stifling our area. The storms rolled in and their wet remnants are still around as I sit on the porch writing this.

Actually it’s getting to look like a Hitchcock movie out here with all of the birds. Thankfully there are no swing sets nearby!

Y’know, when you think about a movie like the birds, it’s really preposterous. That something so harmless could turn into something harmful. That nature, something we’ve come to count on and in some ways ignore could all of the sudden throw our nicely defined world into chaos. It reveals the great illusion in our lives, that we have control.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a bit of a control freak. Now the shock that some of you are experiencing at this revelation will soon dissipate.

And I don’t think I’m alone in this. Many if not all of us expect our lives to run a certain way, a way perhaps that we have designed and/or implemented. And when the natural chaos of the world creeps into our house of sticks we cry foul, perhaps stomp our feet, slam the bedroom door, raise our
fist to the powers that be and demand to know why!

(I think I just described my daughter’s tantrums when she was 5.)

Some of us will sit and wait for a reason; others will try to solve our way out of it. While still more may just talk about it over and over again, hoping that someone maybe able to shine a light on it. I know that I’ve done each of these things at different times in my life.

Yesterday I shared about fears that characterized my life. Each of them, however, is a different aspect of the same issue–control.

I love to control what goes on around me, but historically I have not shown great self control. That’s what this journey is all about.

Perhaps a larger dose of self control will allow me to be more relaxed when the birds start banging on my windows?

Today’s circuit felt great! I did 15 reps (the maximum) for each exercise using the fat 15 weights! I reduced the weights only for the shoulder flys because those are the ones that irritate my sore shoulder. I maxed out on the pushups today as well. When it was all said and done my arms just wanted to hang there. They didn’t even want to lift my coffee cup!

T-57 days!


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