Transforming: Day 34

It’s Wednesday so I must’ve been up at the butt crack of dawn!

This morning, however, I was met with a text from Gary saying that he’d like to postpone this morning. He’s got a whole lot of stress going on and wasn’t feeling the run.

So I wrote him back, told him I was up, and asked what he wanted to do. I told him that it may help with the stress, but ultimately the decision was his After a dramatic pause, the text came back, “ok, we can give it a shot.”

And with those words, we were running. Two Forrest Gumps running through Bensalem. I hope that he was proud of himself when we were done, because today he ran for 8 minutes straight then a break and then another 8 minutes.

I hope he realizes that “giving it a shot” today will make the next time even easier. Not only did he show physical strength today but also mental strength. Whatever got him out this morning, whether it was guilt or responsibility, he got out there.

I can completely understand how he felt. I can even look back on this month and see days that I didn’t want to continue, but I knew that I had to. I had to take my shot!

After the run, I came home and completed the cardio circuit. My arms were tired during yoga and the low impact, remnants of yesterday’s weight lifting. All and all a good morning.

Tomorrow is my day off, and then week 6 begins. I’m realizing that I probably will be on a hiatus during Disney. I’ll be running but not doing p90.

T-56 days


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