Transforming: Day 35

Halt! Cease and Desist

Today was my day off from P90, and I did not have to get up early for a Gump run so I laid in bed till 6:30 AM.

Got up and decided that I would go for a run this morning. Not a speed run but a distance run. I haven’t run for distance most of the summer. It is far too hot and humid for my people to be running. Give me a cold, rainy day anytime compared to this.

But out I went. I told Beth that I was going to run between 3-5 miles; she was going out as well–separate routes, but we did pass each other and high five at least once.

Along the run I was really lost in my playlist. When I first started running last year I made up a playlist called Run Tyler Run. I felt that it was fitting seeing how stupid I felt doing it and “stupid is as stupid does.”  Anyway my playlist has evolved some over the last year and has spawned two other lists:  One specifically for a 5K race and one for the Broad St. Run.  The master list, however, is a hodge podge of music across decades and genres.  Here’s a sampling of what I listend to this morning:

  • Joss Stone “Super Duper Love”
  • De La Soul “Me, Myself and I”
  • Depeche Mode “Personal Jesus”
  • Estelle “American Boy”
  • R.E.M.  “Get Up” and “Stand” and “I am Superman”
  • U2   “Numb” and “The Fly”
  • Deee-lite  “Groove is in the Heart”
  • Decemberists    “Down by the water”
  • Florence + the Machine   “Drumming Song”
  • Devo   “Whip It”

While I’m running this morning I couldn’t help but notice the numerous Stop signs that are along my route.  It seemed like everywhere I looked there was another sign telling me to Stop.  Now if this is not an allegory, I don’t know what is.  Think of all of the times we have told ourselves to Stop or allowed ourselves to quit–simply because we wanted to.  Think about the people in our lives who are like stop signs.  Negative influences who do not challenge us or motivate us to go forward. 

As I look at the route of my life the Stop signs are too many to count, and most of them I had a hand in their placement.  Either through my own insecurities or the people and culture that I chose to be a part of.  Today as I ran I gave each stop sign a smack.  Hitting the sign and feeling its vibrations served as a tangible reminder telling me that it’s alright to overcome, to keep going, keep pursuing, keep asking questions, keep living.

T-55 days!


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