Transforming: Day 36

Week six begins.

This morning was the wrap up of Gary’s 5th week of couch to 5k. It was a 5 minute walk followed by 20 minutes of jogging and then a cool down walk for 5 minutes. Throughout the day yesterday I received multiple texts from Gary with the number 20 and all kinds of colorful language that in comics would look like. #%@& 20!!

I know he believed that it was going to be awful, and he didn’t want to let me or himself down by walking for any part of the 20. So the last thing I sent him last night was “20 at the crack!” which he never responded to. He was either paralyzed with fear or asleep.

I was pulling up to Gary’s house before the sun had even come up. He was sitting on a bench and appeared to be praying. It was like the end of the movie Titanic. All we needed were some musicians playing “nearer my god to thee” as the boat sinks.

The walk started, we chatted, and the voice from above said it was time to run. We rounded the first corner, ignored a stop sign, and there appeared a banana peel right in front of us! Really? There’s a whole allegory here about slip ups, but I’m not going there because we had none.

We ran and kept running. Side by side. A nice steady pace. As the one minute bell rang I told him we were wrapping up and he had a look of disappointment. Some may say thats just his face, but there was definitely something beyond the typical scowl Typically at the 1 minute mark I like to run full tilt–the finish line push! Today I didn’t signal the run because I didn’t want to mess up his zen, but then I saw that face and said alright let’s do it. And we were Run-Ning!

In five weeks this guy who told me he couldn’t do 90 seconds straight just put together 72000 seconds, and he didn’t step on the banana peel.

Great job today Gary!

I came home and did my first day of week 6 for P90. I did the circuit today and I was tired for most of the workout. I forget that long runs like the 5 miles I did yesterday can tire you out.

This is my last week before Disney.

T-54 days.


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