Transforming: day 37

Today while exercising I experienced a total mind and body disconnect.

I was tired this morning. Last night I took the girls down to PPL park to watch the Philadelphia Union play. We get these great seats from my friend Staci who is a true soccer-head. For example, Staci goes to Germany, not to see Germany, but to see the world cup soccer. She may even call it futbol. No she’s not European, she’s from Texas, so that’s kind of like a different country (or continent).

Cooler with less people

The humidity at the game was so bad, it felt like I was melting in my seat. All around me people were glistening, and it made me feel like we were boiling potatoes in stadium sized pot.

And the union played badly which didn’t help matters either.

So when I woke up this morning, groggy. The last thing I wanted to do was exercise. Yesterday my monthly supply of comics came, and I imagined reading them in bed while my wife brought me coffee. Can anyone else hear Steven Tyler singing, “Dream on, dream on” in the background?

Needless to say I got up, put on my exercise gear and got to work. Through each stage I was amazed how my body seemed to be operating on it’s own, without directives from the all-powerful brain. Brain had hit the snooze, apparently, and it was like I was just along for the ride.

Power yoga done. Really? Low impact done. Wait my arms never really felt tired! High impact done. What am I Paul Revere’s horse. My body knows the course and I no longer need to direct it?

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

I’ve had a few of these occasions while running. I find myself planning lessons or thinking about home improvements and I realize I’m a mile or so into the run, bit this was my first time with P90 that muscle memory took over.

It was kind of nice not having to think about it. For me it was probably the best thing in the world.

T-53 days.

5 days till Disney.


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