Transforming: Day 38

I hope everyone is having as good a weekend as I am.

Not just a Number--An Accomplishment

This is our last weekend before our trip to Disney, and the crazy train has pulled into the station. “All Aboard!”

Beth has begun checking off her lists for the items that need to be packed for our trip; she is realizing that the new suitcases she bought may not accommodate the “needed” items that she has to pack.

This train does not go to Hogworts!

On my list was to jaunt over to old navy and buy some new shirts and shorts because recently went through a purge of any t shirt that had more than one X on it and any pair of pants/shorts that were larger than a 34 waist.

Please keep in mind that a year ago I weighed about 250lbs and had a size 38 waist. I wore mostly xl shirts or sometimes xxl. After a year of running and regular exercise I felt it was safe to get rid of the extra bolts of fabric. I mean if my dresser/closet was all the designers on Project Runway had to complete a challenge with, there’d still be fabric left over.

Anyway. after the purge I had very few clothes left, so I needed some stuff for the remainder of the summer. The shirts that I wore to the store were 33’s and they were a bit loose, so I was out to try on 32’s. Both Beth and Gary asked me the last time I wore a 32 and I had no memory. College maybe?

So I pulled a couple different styles of 32 and headed to the dressing room. I hope the ladies understand, men do not do dressing rooms. I hate trying stuff on, but this needed to be done!

32’s fit perfectly! Then I tried on a Large shirt. A large–no X. This was uncharted territory. And again, a perfect fit. I was elated. Not only have I lost more than 50 lbs in the last year but at least 6 inches off my waist as well.

The P90 is toning up my and and arms as well as my legs and I feel stronger, healthier. It’s like I’m starting to feel like the Six Million dollar Man without the accident and the surgery!

We can Rebuild Him--With Exercise!

T-52 days.

Many of you have shared how you’re also working on changing. I’d love to hear how it’s going. Feel free to post a comment about it. You’ll find it strangely freeing.


2 thoughts on “Transforming: Day 38

  1. Umm…Awesome! BTW…for Disney, if you sign up to go to the Vacation Club presentation (trust me a nice break from the heat and humidity), they gave us yummy snacks and an AMC gift card (good at any AMC…not just Disney). On the off chance you join DVC, use my name as a referral 😉
    Also…now that you have discovered the whole grain beverage family (i.e. Beer!)…jump over to Downtown Disney’s House of Blues from 3 to 5 pm for happy hour. 1/2 price appetizers and $2.50 domestic/$3.50 import deals. Good stuff! Have fun and enjoy!

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