Transforming: Day 39

Monday, Monday.

A typical Monday for me during the summer is not the same as most. As I sit here on my front porch typing, I watch my neighbors tiredly getting into their vehicles and heading off to work. While inside my house my wife goes through her morning routine (some may say rituals) as she puts on her psychological armor and readies herself for the unknown day ahead.

As a teacher I have the privilege of not working during the summer. I get to stay home with my kids. There are days we regret that arrangement. My kids might prefer me to work because then there’d be no summer school at home.

The summer used to be a very stressful time for me. When I taught at a private Christian school we were paid very poorly and there was a time when we were only paid during the school calendar year. I would work two different jobs at the same time Beth was working and we’d be scraping by. We had no time to do things and very little money.

There’s no time for exercise and no desire to do much of anything. Guilt and stress had seen to that.

Last year I decided that each summer I should take something on. Last summer it was running, this summer it’s p90. Next summer will probably be focused on preparing for my black belt testing in the fall. But it would be a shame to waste this time that I’ve been given. I am so grateful to have the time to do this because I know how difficult it is when the regular day is eating away at you.

Cardio was done early this morning and Leah complained that I woke her up. “dad, you are exercising way too early”. Stop signs. Today I need to start getting the suitcases prepped and packed for our family trip to Disney on Thursday. Thursday is my day off this week and I will be on hiatus until we return from Disney next week.

T-51 days.


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