Transforming: Day 40

Day 40!!!!!!!

I think I’m ready for a challenge. Now the superstitious Irish in me is waving his hands saying not to let the universe hear that comment. You may just get what you asked for–Good!

I don’t just think I’m ready, I know that I am ready. While doing the circuit this morning, I felt way too confident. I’ve upped my reps to the maximum for level 1-2 and today I felt like I got this.

Now some of you may think that this is great, and don’t get me wrong I love feeling this way. But I also know how quickly confidence can turn into complacency. That’s something I don’t want to have happen.

Tomorrow is the las day for this week’s exercise. I will complete the cardio on level 1-2. Thursday is an off day, and we are leaving for disney in the AM.

My plan in Disney is to run when we can and to do the ab exercises in the morning. The ab ripper 100 is a great set of 10 exercises in 10 minutes that I can do each day and not need the DVD.

My plan for when we return from disney is to do level 1-2 for at least the first 4 days of that week and then transfer over to level 3-4. In the program guide it looks as if the transition should occur around day 45 so it makes sense the way I felt today.

T-50 days.


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