Transforming: Day 41

Transformers–more than meets the eye!

It’s amazing to me how much cartoons have influenced my generation. Proof of this is easily seen in the entertainment consistently put out by Hollywood in the form of movies based on cartoons. So now my youngest, who is 7, wants to watch the Smurf cartoons because of the recent movie, which has provided me with a chance to bathe in a bit of nostalgia.

There’ve always been a few cartoons that have stuck with me over time: starblazers, transformers and GI Joe. Each of them I think has had an impact in me personally.

The transformers theme song talks about beings that are more than meets the eye. That song has always stuck with me. In fact it’s the title of this set of entries in the blog because I knew that there was more to me then just what is first seen.

My entire life I’ve been judged on my overweight appearance. It was a great protective shell that encapsulated my fears and doubts keeping most people on the periphery. Never letting anyone get to close–never having to get hurt. Wanting to show that I was more, not knowing how, and being afraid to try and not succeed.

Starblazers was great because it was a serial cartoon that followed a group of people through the course of a year. At the end of each episode the narrator would comment on how many days were left until the end! It was engrossing and it amazes me how easily a timeline amps up the emotional significance of an event. Thing about when you first started dating and you had your 1 month anniversary. How excited and proud you were. Marking the passage of time is a great motivator. Every time I get to write about how many days are left, I’m struck with the feeling of, “wow, I can’t believe I’ve been doing this _______ long.”

Lastly, GI Joe, a real American hero. The thing about the Joe cartoon was that there were many different members of a team. Each with their own specialty and together they were able to accomplish pretty much anything. Because together we are better than alone. Letting people in and relying on them, trusting them, may not always be the easiest thing to do, but like family, you fight through and keep moving on. So now you know, and knowing is half the battle. Yo Joe!

Butt crack run this morning with Gary. He had a personal best with both time and distance. For someone who wasn’t feeling it this morning he certainly found the drive to power through–more than meets the eye.

He’s been running for six weeks now. Three weeks till the end of the program and only 55 days until his first race!

I came home got my power yoga groove on and completed my cardio workout.

Leaving for Disney tomorrow morning!

T-49 days left!


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