Transforming: Day 42

I’m a week late putting Day 42 in because last week we left for Disney World.

We got down to the airport in plenty of time and breezed through security. It was like the girls were seasoned travelers–shoes off, items in bins step right into the full body scanner. Leah thought it was just the first of many rides. They actually stopped Hope in the scanner because they thought she was holding her arms in a suspicious way.

But on we went to the gate and boarded the plane. This is when the story becomes like a potty book. Because we sat and sat and sat and sat and sat for almost an hour. First they told us here was too much fuel in the plane and then there was an electrical malfunction which eventually could not be fixed.

Over the loud speaker we here be dreaded words, “this flight has been cancelled.” Off the plane we go, a mad dash to the ticket counter with all of the other people. When I get up to the counter both girls are crying because they think the trip is cancelled. The ticket agent tells me there are no more direct flights and we’re scheduled for the next day.

This is when I switch into Amazing Race mode. I ask about other flights. And book one to Charlotte. From Charlotte when can get on standby for two possible connecting flights otherwise there’s on leaving later in the evening.

While the agent is booking us and printing out our boarding passes I send the weepy girls to the new gate, at the other end of the airport, so much for going smoothly. We had under 30 min to get to the next flight and the computer didn’t want to print Beth’s boarding pass for the connecting flight. I told the agent we’d deal with it in Charlotte and I was off.

I got to the gate about 2 minutes after the girls arrived and we boarded the plane. Landed in Charlotte and I promptly went to an agent, got on a standby list and had Beth’s boarding pass printed out.

I encouraged the girls that this was like Amazing Race and we needed to stay positive. Leah quickly was on the right track but Hope was a harder sell. We let them know that no matter what we’d be in the magic kingdom tonight.

They could only fit one of us on the first standby but we knew we’d be first for the second which was only 45 min more to wait. We got called and boarded the plane.

We didn’t arrive at noon like we were supposed to, but our family unit was tested and came through successfully without yelling or snapping at each other. We actually had a good time! And I couldn’t have been more proud of my girls for rolling with it.



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