Transforming: Day 43

Today was my first day back to the P90 grind after arriving home from vacation yesterday.

We had a great time. Out of the seven days we were there I did my ab workout and my pushups for four of the days. Tuesday of this week was a late start morning so I was able to get out and run a couple of miles before hitting the parks.

This morning I started back with the circuit. I decided that this would be my last week with level 1-2, but I would use it his week to get back into the groove. I’m so thankful that I did!

The fat 15 felt a bit heavier today. Could it be that holding on while riding roller coasters doesn’t count as an upper body workout?

I did 12 of most reps and 10 for the presses. My final 7-7-7 pushups had me down for the count by the end. My arms just had no juice left in them.

I felt weak and tired after I was over. My giant coffee cup felt exceptionally heavy afterwards.

Tonight I have promotion for karate. I should be a good workout to help me eliminate the calories added from eating in France, Africa, the Midwest and the 1950’s.

T-47 days




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