Transforming: Day 44

Hello, my name is Aches Mctavish, and I am one sore mother ^€#¥<*.

Last night was promotion night at karate. Promotion night is equivalent to one night of torture where Sensai calls out ludicrous numbers of repetitive exercises until your ready to drop.

It starts off with 120 jumping jacks and then 40+ jumping squats, into 100's of front and rear kicks followed by a sustained crunch exercise that had people weeping.

Once we are good and tired we begin testing. I like the idea of testing tired. The anxiety of testing is completely gone after that workout.

When it was all said and done I had earned my brown-black belt. In one year I will be testing for my black belt.

Needless to say after karate I was tired and this morning a bit sore, but it's butt crack Friday so it was off to Gary's to run. Gary's on week 7 of couch to 5K and is now running 25 minutes without stopping. Gone are the days of the 90 s run.

And then after the run it was home to Tony Horton and cardio/abs. Everything was going smoothly until the front kicks and then flashbacks of last night settled into my legs. By the end they felt like giant weights that could no longer be lifted.

Then it was time to do the ab ripper. It was tougher today because my abs were tired from last night and the full body crunch was crunching me by number 7. Finished off of the rest and collapsed.

So know I sit on the porch typing my blog trying not to move too much so I don't irritate any of the aches!

Congratulations to everyone that promoted this week: Beth, Colleen, Gary, Ed, Donna, Paul, Kelly, Kim, Chuck and Michelle. Great job!

T-46 days.


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