Transforming: Day 49

First 200 Miles
This morning on my butt crack run I reached the 200 mile mark for the this year 2011.  I started keeping data on in the beginning of February as Beth and I got ready to run the Phillies 5K and then the Broad st. run.  Today’s run with Gary took me to 201 miles. 
200 miles is the distance to Washington D.C. with a few extra miles to loop around the beltway or a trip to visit my friend Jenn Franz in New Haven, CT.  When I look at in those terms, wow, that’s a lot of miles.  Especially to a guy who’s idea of running was….to be quite honest…..Not!
Beth and I ran together yesterday for what was like the first time in ages.  We ran a nice 3 mile course through Langhorne.  Neither one of us wore I ipods, we actually talked while we ran.  This is such a change from a year ago.  Last year I had a difficult time keeping pace with her, I couldn’t stand the sound of my own breathing so an ipod was a must and who had the extra wind capacity to actually talk while we ran?  Not us.  Not last year.  This 3 mile run was to be at a slow pace so we set ourselves to trot; we were on our way. 
It was great doing it together again.  Beth is beginning her training program for a half-marathon that is coming up in Oct.  She is encouraging me to do it as well (as is Ange) but the husky inside of me is not sure that this body can do it.  Gary’s comment this morning was, “you already ran 10 what’s a 5K on top of it?”  His point is well taken, and yet the mental gymnastics that I will require of myself…..let’s just say I’m on the fence. 
200 is important to me in another way as well.  It is the elusive number that I would eventually like to reach in my weight.  I’ve got about 9 lbs. to go and I will be under 200 lbs.  I think the last time I was under 200 was either in high school or early college years.  I have not been dieting, but simply watching what I’m eating and I am exercising regularly with running and P90.  My weight has actually gone up a few lbs since doing P90 because of the weight training and adding muscle mass to my body. 
My doctor says my fighting weight is somewhere between 200-205 but I’d love to cross that century mark before the year is out. 
Tomorrow I’m back to P90 and I’ll be starting level 3-4 which will be my program till day 90.  The new workouts are longer with more reps.  Should be FUn.
T-41 days
I know this song is about 500 miles, but for me today those Scottish nerds are singing 200!

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