Transforming: Day 50

Working the Staff

Today was the beginning of phase 2 (cue dramatic music) of the P90 program. Phase 2 is at a faster pace, has more reps and entire new circuit of exercises.

I have to admit, I didn’t jump out of bed to exercise this morning because I knew that something more difficult was awaiting me. It’s amazing how just the perception of difficulty is enough to make me flinch.

A similar situation happened win karate this week as well. Every 3 months we learn a new kata with a weapon. This time it is the Bo staff. Bo staff kata is rumored to be one of the most difficult to master so there’s a perception flying around the dojo about how difficult it will be.

In anticipation of this I had my daughter, Hope, who is a junior blackbelt, show ms the first set of moves. We practiced in the back yard yesterday and when Beth came home we went out back and I shows her how to work the staff (that’s for you Ed).

We went to class and had a blast. We did a lot of running and ab work. Both of which I’ve been doing all summer. We practiced staff kata it wasn’t that big of a deal because we had put the preparation in.

The same is true of my workout this morning. I’ve been preparing for this for 49 days for crying out loud. How could I not be ready? “Once I got going there were no problems.”

Be prepared. That should be the motto for some kind of organization.

T-40 days


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