Transforming: Day 51

That noise you hear are the silent screams of my leg muscles. They’re screaming firstly in pain because today was the first day of phase II cardio/sweat and secondly because they are rejoicing that the workout is over. It’s like the Hallelujah chorus is coming from my thighs!

The legs are tired because I’ve run 12 miles this week between running with Gary or Beth combined with the new phase 2 workouts and my karate nemesis wheel kicks.

Today’s workout mimicked phase 1 with the addition of another round of exercises in each section, so I’m doing three rounds instead of two and the pace of the repetitions is increased.

Who knew that a third round could make you sweat exponentially? The extra rounds were tiring, but the extra set of ab ripper was deadly. In ab ripper 100 you’re doing 10 reps of 10 exercises in 10 minutes. Now in phase 2 we’re doing the ab ripper 200. So now all of our numbers are upped to 20. I would have liked someone from Spinal Tap to simply tell me to “go to 11.” But that didn’t happen.

I did 20 of my first three exercises and then I felt like there’s no way I’d have anything left for the last 3. So I decided to do 15 of the remaining exercises. “More than 10 but less than 20.” Even then when I got to the full body crunch I could only muster 10. I was wiped out. But I had completed it!

In a few days I’ll be returning to school, and I have to decide when I’m going to get my workout in for the remaining days of p90. I leave for work by 6 AM, so there’s no way I’m getting up any earlier for work. The likely candidate is to workout when I get home from school. It’s still early enough in the day and the girls will just be getting back from school.

I toyed with the idea of working out in my classroom after school. I’ve got all of the technology and space needed, but my room is like the Today show’s windows in Times Square, and I’d clearly be on display. I’m way to shy for that–Maybe we could sell tickets.

T-39 days.


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