Transforming: Day 52

It’s difficult to type the blog on my iPod touch this morning because my forearms are tired from the new exercises in phase 2. I’ve already dropped my iPod once this morning and a bottle of honey.

The workout itself went well. The anxiety from day one is gone. I know that I will be working up to the max number of reps as the days progress and increasing the resistance weight.

So in phase 2 I am to do between 15-20 reps on each exercise. I’m currently using a 5 lb weight and doing 18 reps. Just like in phase 1 I’ll work up to the heavier weight and top of those last two reps.

My friend Rob, who is a p90x-er warned me yesterday that this next phase will really push you to your limits. That’s evident in the number of times I’m asked to max out pushups or squats. At first I felt defeated watching Tony Horton continue his push ups after I had stopped and then his back up “singers” also quit. But today I realized I’ll do what I can and then try to push at least 5 more out.

“you know your body can do 5x more than what you think it can.”

That’s my Sensai’s go to phrase. He lays it on us every promotion night and sometimes during regular class when he’s just being evil, I mean helpful.

It’s gotten to the point where those of us in class say it to each other as a joke to push each other on. I found myself saying it in my head yesterday while I was on a run. I didn’t want to particularly go on the run, but Beth has it in her mind how great it would be to run this upcoming half-marathon in Oct.

My first reaction is, no thanks. There’s a chubby part of me that is the knee jerk “no”. He jumps out of my mouth like an Alien trying to get to Sigourney Weaver!

Hello my baby, Hello my Honey

Then I enter into this self analysis about the situation. I’ve just entered phase 2 of p90 and school is starting around the corner. Do I really want to tire myself out and will I have the time?

These are both wonderful excuses and Husky has a logical side to him, which is why I went and ran yesterday even after doing the cardio section of p90.

I was tired and I wanted to prove to myself, my fat self, that it could be done. Logic for logic. Don’t get me wrong I was tired during the run, especially after Marshall hill, but 3.1 miles later I was home and my slow pace was 10.5 min/mi. I expected it to be more like 12 min/mi.

So not only was it able to be done, but I did better than I thought. Husker couldn’t handle it, and he went to his room to have a cupcake.

Cookies, Pies and Lobster Bisque, and CAKES!

Gary’s been as bad as Beth asking me about the half marathon. In fact Beth said she’s not going to nag me about it anymore since Gary’s been doing such a fine job. So when I told him that I ran, he replied, “never a doubt.”

So I guess the 13.1 is inevitable. If nothing else I’ll get a new tattoo out of it!

T-38 days


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