Transforming: Day 53

In brightest day, in blackest night

One of my favorite superheroes is DC comics, Green Lantern. The premise of the Green Lantern Corps is an interstellar police force armed not with guns or WMDs but rather a small ring. The members are chosen by the rings based on their ability to over come great fear. When a member of the Corps wields their ring it allows them to focus their will into pretty much anything that they can imagine. So the more a GL believes in themselves the stronger their ring will be.

Beware My Power! Green Lantern's Light!

Can there be any doubt as to why I like this idea? This summer has been about conquering my fears about what I can and cannot do physically. I am learning through this process that I can trust my body to accomplish these hints that I’m asking it to do; it’s not going to give out on me.

This self-actualization combined with the encouragement of this around me strengthen my will and resolve even more. See the beauty of the GL mythos is not just that he can imagine anything into being, but that he’s a member of a Corps. A group of string willed individuals who have all dealt with to some degree their own personal demons. A group those collective will is almost always enough to bolster an individual when he is feeling powerless.

No Evil Shall Escape My Sight

Each of us has different needs when I comes to the support of others. Some need a Corps, some need a team, others need a pack or simply a partner.

I am thankful for the Corps, the Pack and the Partner I have in my life to support and encourage me as I continue on through these remaining days of P90. Each day stronger both body and mind.



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