Transforming: Day 56

Today is my day off from both P90 and from running.

Yesterday began the process of going back to work and trying to figure out when I would be exercising.

Typically Wed. is our butt crack run, but for some reason we decided to run last evening. When Gary and I first discussed running Tuesday night my initial reaction was, “well I just ran 5 miles on Monday and I should take a day off.” That’s what I actually said to him, but my inner dialogue was saying, “c’mon you just ran, and you’ve got to do cardio on Tues and go to work! You won’t have time for any of it!”

That mewing was so quiet, that I agreed to running Tuesday night. I came home from work and finished the cardio of P90 and then proceeded to get dinner ready for the family.

Yes, I am the greatest american hero.

Believe it or Not

Went over to Chateau Bell to run and the first words Gary said to me were, “I want 3 today.” And I told him, it’s great to want 3, but you going to have to work to get 3. He said he was up for it. Cue the evil laughter!

After our 5 minute warm up walk, it was off to the races. The course around Chateau Bell is relatively flat and combine that with the cool, low humid air and it was off to the races!

Typically we run next to each other and chat as we go along, but he wanted 3 so the Murphy pace car was in full effect. I found my pace early and never looked back. It felt great! Wasn’t tired. Wasn’t sucking wind. I…Was…Running!

Finished the course prior to our ipod gong going off. I was running a 8.5 min/mile. And I remember turning one corner, looking back and not seeing Gary, but at the finish I looped back and he was coming up behind.

We still had about 4 minutes to go when we got back to his street so we continued on and Gary got his 3 and I ran faster than I think I ever have!

Great night!!

T-34 days


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