Transforming: Day 57

This morning I was awake an hour earlier then I needed to be. Once the school year starts, a 5 AM wake up call is business as usual but prior to then I don’t typically like to see the crack of 5. However, today, I was awake. Laying there eyes open….4:58. You’ve got to be kidding me!

What time is it?

Part of the early wake is the excitement and anxiety that comes with the approaching school year. Today is our last day of inservices; it’s exciting being back together with friends and teamates, but the stress level has amped up as the first day of the new year approaches.

As I shared earlier, my girls begin next week as well, and they interact with school in very different ways. And with the first day approaching new stresses have washed up on their shores.

My oldest, Hope, is entering 7th grade. Within the last two weeks Hope has severed a frienship with a girl whom she was friends with for the last 3 years. They were thick as thieves, but Hope has become increasingly unhappy with the drama her friend creates amongst their other friends. To her credit, Hope called her on it with the hopes that her friend would say ok and apologize or probably work on it. That did not happen. Her friend reacted badly; Hope told me yesterday that she doesn’t hate her friend–just what she does. She is anxious about school starting and fielding questions from others about why they’re not friends anymore. Oh to be in middle school again–NOT!

With Leah, my youngest, we finally received her classroom assignment from the school district and the teacher that we had discussed with the guidance counselor and special ed teacher as a good fit for Leah, her name is not on the card. My blood pressure went through the roof. This school has done very little to impress me with how they run their program, first with how they met Hope’s needs as a gifted student and now they’ve missed the mark with Leah as a special ed student.

So after arriving home from my school I was calling Leah’s. Of course no one is there, so I spoke with the director of special education and she assured me she would get to the bottom of it this morning. She and I are now on a first name basis after the way Leah’s school bungled her classification throughout the second half of the school year last year.

Beth and I were hoping that all of that was behind us. But here I was awake at 4:58 with thoughts of the lack of control that I have in both my daughters’ situations. And that is very frustrating.

So instead of laying in bed, I got up and exercised. I figured I’d let Tony Horton exercise my mental demons and give me a productive way to focus my frustration!

Once the first circuit was complete I was intot he workout and out of my head. In the past, I would have laid there tossing, turning, looking at the clock, waking Beth up with all the hubbub. Today I tried something different and I hope that gives me a clearer head when I deal with the individuals who are responsible for educating my child when she’s not with me.

Serenity Now!

T-33 days


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