Transforming: Day 58

This morning is my last official day of summer. Gary and I didn’t run this morning and I laid in bed as Beth was getting for work. Really wasn’t feeling like exercise this morning, but Beth was encouraging and told me that I could do it.

So after some coffee I headed upstairs and began to power yoga. It felt so good. My arms felt strong as I pushed away into my different forms. I completed the workout and by the end I was sweaty and tired.

I completed my ab workout. 15 reps of each exercise, and they were screaming at the end.

Today I took the girls to get their beginning of the school year haircuts. Both of them were very excited and enjoyed telling the stylists how they want their hair cut.

On the school front, Leah’s situation with the school was straightened out yesterday. Apparently, someone in the school had not taken our request to the next level, so the principal was not aware of it. To his credit though and to the credit of the director of special ed, the situation was remedied and today Leah received a letter from her teacher. She was escatitc!

In two days, I’ll be taking pictures again to see how my body has changed over these last two months.  I’ve noticed such a difference and it was a bit nerve wracking heading back to school and having people see my progress since the only thing they’ve known is what I’ve been writing in the blog. 

My friends and coworkers at school were very encouraging and it felt great to hear the encouragement from them.  I’ve got 32 days left in this program; I’m looking forward to it!


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