Transforming: Day 59

Day 59–The Hurricane Edition!

C'mon Irene!

Hurricane Irene is moving up the coast of the northeast.  It is due to hit the coast of NJ sometime over night and we in the Philadelphia suburbs will be having quite a bit of rain and some high winds.  The media has stirred up all kinds of fears in people with the approach of the hurricane.  Perhaps they are on high alert after the Earthquake last week, but when I was food shopping yesterday the store was almost completely out of bread and water and I saw lines of people at gas stations.

Today I was working on the circuit and I began to reintroduce the 15 lb weights to my routine.  I used the 15’s on most of my exercises and was able to complete everything strong. 

Gary and I ran his last day of week 8 of Couch to 5K this morning before Irene arrived.  The air was humid and thick and made running a challenge but he kept a good pace for most of our run.  Next week he’ll be on vacation and will have to run the full 30 min. at the shore.  And then we finish his program on Labor Day weekend. 

So as Irene approaches will be hunkered down at Murphy house with our flashlights, candles, water, books to read and games to play.  Stay safe everyone!

T-31 days


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