Transforming: Day 60

The path of Irene

Extended Hurricane Edition!

Hurricane Irene “slammed” into the northeast United States before midnight this morning. Beth, the girls and I were all nestled in our beds when we were awakened by noise in the house and what seemed like all of the lights were on on our first floor.

Of course, I am sent to investigate. I found my mother who was awake with a fearful look in her eye asking me if I heard on the news that a tornado was headed straight to Langhorne.

Of course I hadn’t heard, because I had been blissfully unaware in my dream state. But now I was aware and my senses were almost fully heightened. I opened the front door and I was met with a crazy scene of my wind swept street filled with water.

I closed the door, told my mom we’d be alright, turned out the lights and went back to bed. The mistake I made was telling Beth. We had to put on the news and heard that there was a tornado warning for all of Bucks county until 11:45 PM. It was 11:30 when my mom started the light brigade, so after the next 30 min of news coverage, we found ourselves partially dressed and ready for action. It was like we were superheroes! No capes though, they’d never work in a tornado!

After midnight, our adrenaline subsided and we (I) decided that the tv could be turned off and we could try to return to sleep. There would be a tornado watch until 5 AM, but there was no way I’d be staying up and just waiting. So we slept, tossed and turned for an hour or so, slept until 5:30 AM, realized all was well, and went back to sleep until 7 AM.

The house made it through, most of our friends and family were also ok, so now the question was, “is a hurricane a good reason to not exercise?” Clearyly it wasn’t because I found myself on the 3rd floor completing my cardio/sweat workout.

I’m thankful that it was the only workout I needed to do this morning because I have a few friends that are on bucket patrol moving water out of their basements.

Tomorrow is supposed to be our first day back to school. We’ll see what the district decides based on the water and power issues.

My exercise plan for school is to workout in the afternoon once I am home from school. There are only 30 more days to go!

T-30 days!


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