Transforming: Day 62

Last evening I went to bed a 9PM be size I was so tired from the first day of school. Not just the day itself but the excitement of the day combined with the semi-sleepless night previous.

Today I got to school, set up my activities, ran a few copies and purposed to put faces with names. I pride myself on learning student names pretty quickly. There’s nothing I like better than calling on a student, by name, on the second or third day of school. Their facial reactions are priceless.

Today we were focusing on the power of observation. And how, to a scientist, especially a forensic scientist, it is one of the most important skills.

Who Are You?

As students came into my room I had photos projected on my white board. They thought very little of them assuming that it was simply a screen saver. But then I gave them a note card, turned off the slide show and asked them to list as many images as they could.

There mouths agape, my honors students had fearful looks that I was grading them on their observations, or in this case heir lack there of. After the shock wore off, I had them try it again. I played he slideshow once through and they had to remember the images in order this time.

Many of them were able to list between 8-9 images correctly. We then discussed what made the difference. The obvious answer was that they were told to pay attention. My point was when we study crime scenes, you have to tell yourself to pay attention.

Our brains have amazing abilities to attend to many different things. Typically we are drawn to oddity or uniqueness, which may explain why my students can’t stop looking at me.

Currently I am attending my level of fitness. This is something that I never paid attention to I my entire life. I assumed that I would never look or feel fit. Thank god I was finally proven wrong!

After hurricane Irene had blown through, Beth and I went for a walk through town to survey the damage. She handed ms a pull over jacket that I bought from the Gap in 1991. When I wore it then it was a snug fit and over time it was one if this things that hung in the closet. When I put it on Sunday, there was room to spare. I could have put Leah in there with me! So here’s an item of clothing from my collegiate days (no, I’m not a hoarder) that fits me better now than then. Awesome!

Came home today and completed my cardio routine for the completion of week 9. I was really tired halfway through the workout and I was really feeling it in my legs after the crazy amount of squats I did yesterday. When I got to the ab workout I was able to do 18 reps instead of 15.

Tomorrow I am off from P90 and I hope to be able to run.

T-28 days!


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