Transforming: Day 64

Today wrapped up my first week of school. It’s been an adjustment getting up early again and being “on” all day long. Many of my collegues and our students looked tired today as the back to school excitement had all but worn off.

During my drive home I was actually thinking about working out. Not the negative type of thinking that I would have done earlier in this experience. Husky was nowhere to be found. I was just driving thinking about what I was going to accomplish during my workout. I felt strong and was actually looking forward to it.

To often in the past I could get lost in my head through some negative miasma totally lacking all sense of direction but one thing I was sure of–I was fat and weak.

The sad truth is that mindset was imprinted on me at a young age. I was overweight most of my life, and food to me was a comfort. A coping technique that I learned from watching my mother.

The caption says it all

It has taken most of my natural born life to get to this point where I am confident in my ability to dismantle this mindset. Who knew that when my daughter Hope began karate 3 years ago, that I would also be put on a journey.

A journey of self discovery and self worth. Because during that 3 year time a foundation was laid. I had always wanted to learn karate as a kid. And watching Hope work through it for awhile, Beth and I decided we’d give it a try and the adventure began.

An adventure that 10 or more years ago I’d be unwilling, no afraid, to take. I’d have come up with some excuse to cover up with my uncomfortability with my physical abilities. Today, I’m more than willing to take on this adventure because I have seen what I am able to do and I have more confidence in myself.

The best part is, since taking this adventure I have made fantastic friends that are like my brothers-in-arms as we perservere through this together, challenging each other to be better–ironing sharpening iron.



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